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Our philosophy is to provide what is expected but is increasingly hard to find: customer care and appreciation.

Kindness is at the heart of everything we do Right from the get-go, the Simple® philosophy has always been about being kind to skin, even the most sensitive, because all skin can be sensitive at times.

Superbright Sponge Scourers include the traditional straight cut and hand-grip sponge scourers as well as the premium non-scratch sponge scourers.

Astonish Premium Edition

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We've got all your cleaning covered. From kitchen, bathroom, general household, floor cleaners, 

Good oral care & oral hygiene is a pillar of good health. Browse the oral care products available.

Now in our sixth year since launching, Kent Crisps have become one of the leading names in premium quality British snacks, but our journey is only just beginning. Based in Kent, but going global, we are now available in ten countries around the world with an ever-growing range   of flavours.


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